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The staff of Northern Roof Tiles hard at work to get you the perfect roof for your home

Northern Roof Tiles

1991-2024(and counting)

Adam Matthews of Northern Roof Tiles
Stuart Matthews of Northern Roof Tiles

Stuart - Ext 101 (semi retired)

Northern Roof Tiles meeting in a phone booth
At Northern Roof Tiles we love roof tiles

Family owned and run since 1991

Just in case you are wondering ‘who in the world is Northern Roof Tiles?’ please let me explain who we are and what we do and why might you be in the slightest bit interested.

Who We Are

Northern is a family owned importer of clay roofing tiles primarily from Europe. Stuart founded the business in 1991, so this year we will celebrate our 33rd anniversary, which makes Northern Roof Tiles one of the oldest established importers of clay roof tiles in North America.

What We Do

One of my founding tenets was to offer our clients the widest possible choice of profile, shape, size, colors and texture of clay tiles, which has required us to deal with many different tile makers. We set out to make specifying and purchasing our tiles as simple and enjoyable as possible. We provide suggested installation specifications and detailing, we can undertake material take offs and detail estimates and we work with the best installers all over the continent. And before you ask, all our tiles are independently tested against the ASTM criteria and are suitable for installation in all areas.

Why Might You Be Interested

If you have never considered using clay roof tiles because of assumed cost, the compatibility with the style of homes, building your design or build, or the suitability for use in your environment? If you had assumed all clay roof tiles were red, Mediterranean in profile and only suitable for use in the Sunbelt.

Please give us a call and the opportunity to answer your questions and concerns. Because clay roof tiles are NOT all red, and are compatible with most architectural styles and can be installed in even the harshest environments.

But before contacting us, we should warn you that we are passionate, some have said obsessive, about clay tile roofs.


Welcome to our world, a world of magnificently beautiful clay tile roofs.


Stuart Matthews, the founder of our company, has been in the roof tile business for close to 40 years, initially in England where he was responsible for up to 60 gangs of tilers, then moving to Canada in 1981. Stuart spent 5 years in the US before returning to Southern Ontario in 1991 to open Northern Roof Tiles.


This in depth knowledge allows Stuart to look at a project from the installers’ point of view and that experience is available to the roofer on all Northern Roof Tiles projects as part of our service.


Adam Matthews is based on the West Coast and looks after sales of new tiles, sourcing reclaimed tiles for repairs, Flexim Roof Mortar and other specialty services He may not be quite the ‘Certified Roof Tile Junky’ Stuart is but what he does not know about tile he can quickly find out.


Simon, based in Niagara Falls looks after sales in Canada responsible for sales of Cotswold Stone, slate and concrete tiles.


Close to 40 years in the industry has meant that after being exposed to the manufacture, sales and installation of roof tiles Stuart has gained an all-around understanding, which is now being passed on to his sons Adam and Simon, who are both very involved in the business, our agents and representatives and of course our clients.


There are few opportunities to learn the trade from books and only the Roof Tile Institute offers day courses for installers. This lifetime of learning is a huge asset and is available to all Northern Roof Tiles customers.

Over the years Northern Roof Tiles has worked with many different ethnic installers, from French speaking tilers in Quebec, Polish, Russian and Eastern European in New York, to Hispanic speaking tilers in most other markets. We may not speak their language but with our ‘hands on’ approach we can overcome any language barrier and pass on that special knowledge and enthusiasm.


We believe that on even the most complicated project, the ability to get the job done in a timely fashion is based on one third skill and two thirds organization. After all, people have been installing roofs like this for over 500 years. The advantage we have today is our ability to learn from their experience and utilize today’s technology and mechanical aids!


Northern Roof Tiles does not just sell clay roof tiles, we sell magnificently beautiful clay roof tiles.

Our enthusiasm for old roofs, our interest in architecture and especially the older buildings seen throughout rural England, France, Belgium and Italy has led us to not only appreciate their mellow beauty, but also develop ways in which they can be recreated today.


Many hours have been spent admiring old roofs and this passion has led us to an understanding of what we admire so much about them and how today we can recreate this appearance. We also believe one should not see the tiles but the roof as a magnificent whole.

Personal Service

Northern Roof Tiles is a company which was founded with the aim of providing a very personal service. We enjoy the opportunity to meet our clients and the design team, so we can fully understand your ‘dream’ and contribute the benefits of our experience, passion and knowledge.


Once the order has been placed the strength of our service is derived from our team, which has been carefully built over the past 31 years. The reliability of our tile makers, our shipping agent and customs broker, as well as our warehousing and the trucking company comes into play… a team assembled and fine-tuned over the years to best serve you.


Northern Roof Tiles has chosen its suppliers from a select group of the world’s great tile makers. The combination of old world craftsmanship, stringent quality controls and strict adherence to environmental obligations ensure a beautiful roof, which is suitable for installation anywhere in the Northern US and Canada and will stand the test of time.


We arrange for the tiles to be packaged and shipped, clearly marked for easy storage and sorting on site. We handle all ocean shipping, importation, payment of all duties, customs clearance, as well as warehousing at the port of entry. The tiles are transported to site on flatbed trucks, clearly labeled and with the correct delivery tickets. We can even suggest the way in which the materials are stored on site for easy blending or preparation before installation.


We like to be on site once installation begins, to ensure the crew fully understands the specification details. If there are any questions they can be addressed at this early stage.

We often return to site during the installation and especially when specific details, such as a tower, turret or eyebrow are being installed.


In this age of instant communication we are only ever a phone call or emailed photograph away. We encourage installers to call us as often as they feel necessary.


We all take tremendous pride in providing a service without equal in quality and versatility, so we can satisfy you our client. If you have questions on any of our clay roof tiles please do not hesitate to call us. We are ready to turn that dream into a reality.
Enjoy and thanks for visiting.


Northern Roof Tiles

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